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Tilli Phalli ke Karele | Bitter Gourd inward Sesame together with Peanut Gravy Recipe

My mother in law makes real proficient karele (bitter gourd) ki sabzi, inwards both dry out together with gravy form.  This recipe of karele ki sabzi made inwards a delicious sesame together with peanut gravy made yesteryear her tastes peachy together with y'all can’t fifty-fifty nation whatsoever bitterness of the bitter gourd.  (Boohoo, bitter gourd!)

Tilli-Phalli ke Karele (Bitter Gourd inwards Sesame together with Peanut Gravy)

two Tbsp oil
¼ tsp mustard seeds (rai)
¼ tsp cumin seeds (jeera)
Pinch asafetida (heeng)
tsp fenugreek seeds (methi dana)
two dry out cerise chilies, broken (sookhi lal mirch)
Few curry leaves (karipatta)
1 ¼ loving cup bitter gourd (karela), peeled together with diced or sliced, rinsed good together with drained
½ tsp turmeric pulverisation (haldi)
1 ½ tsp cerise chili pulverisation (lal mirch powder), or to taste
1 tsp salt, or to taste
1 loving cup water
1 tsp dry out mango pulverisation (amchoor)
½ loving cup roasted sesame-peanut (tilli-phalli) powder
¼ tsp garam masala
¼ loving cup cilantro, finely chopped

Roasted sesame-peanut powder:  Take sesame together with peanut inwards 1:2 ratio.  In a pan roast peanuts first, when most done add together sesame seeds together with roast until low-cal dark-brown (sesame gets roasted faster).  Let cool together with therefore grind to powder.  This pulverisation mix keeps good when stored inwards room temperature together with tin hold upward used inwards several sesame-peanut gravies.

Heat stone oil inwards a pan. When hot, add together mustard seeds, permit pop.  Add cumin seeds, permit sizzle.  Add asafetida + fenugreek seeds + dry out cerise chilies + curry leaves.  Add bitter gourd together with mix well.  Add turmeric pulverisation + cerise chili pulverisation + salt, mix well.  Add water, mix, encompass together with create for 5-8 minutes on medium estrus or until bitter gourd turns tender.  Add dry out mango pulverisation + sesame-peanut pulverisation + garam masala together with mix well.  Sesame-peanut pulverisation volition thicken together with brand a wonderful gravy.  You tin add together approximately to a greater extent than H2O to conform gravy consistency every bit desired.  Add cilantro, mix together with serve the bitter gourd inwards sesame together with peanut gravy hot amongst roti together with rice.

If y'all similar the dry out version of bitter gourd, motility this Kurkure Karele (crispy bitter gourd) recipe that involves frying bitter gourd, onion, cashew nuts together with raisins together with mixing them amongst a dry out spice mix.  Super elementary together with peachy to behave for go or dejeuner box.

And if y'all wishing to brand bitter gourd inwards a overnice together with creamy gravy that tin accompany rice also (and non merely roti), give this Tilli Phalli ke Karele a shot.

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