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Sweet, Sour, together with Spicy Mango together with Strawberry Salad

When my mom came to remain amongst us afterwards my delivery to assist us amongst our babies, she likewise cooked a total repast for luncheon together with dinner then nosotros could consume well for yous together with fresh nutrient every day.  The total repast basically consisted of roti, curry, rice, dal, together with salad, together with 1 time inwards a piece in that place were desserts.  She made several kinds of salads together with the best business office was that in that place were no fancy salad dressings needed.

One such salad was this simple, delicious, sweet sour together with spicy Mango together with Strawberry Salad.

We're fortunate Alok together with I had our mothers coming over to assist get got attention of our babies, of the house, grip the cooking, together with pass fourth dimension amongst us.  I talked to a few American nurses during my infirmary visits together with they said their mothers together with mother-in-laws come upwardly assist for alone a few weeks at a fourth dimension together with they're on their ain afterwards that.  Whereas Indians are lucky their parents come upwardly over to assist for then many months.

I get got heard debates over how it is unfair to expression onetime parents to come upwardly to America together with create then much move piece it is our responsibleness to larn by our household, children, together with all the chores.  In my opinion, if they're tally together with fine together with were doing similar chores dorsum inwards Republic of Republic of India why non here?  When everyone chips inwards together with becomes a helping manus at home, everyone gets to a greater extent than fourth dimension on hands together with everyone is happy.

So amongst us, mother-in-law together with my mom were happy spending fourth dimension amongst their grandchildren together with I was happy amongst the means they helped us with everything together with cooked finger-licking delicious nutrient together with shared unopen to bully recipes.  Here's 1 of them.

Mango together with Strawberry Salad
My mother's recipe
Yield: 2-3 people

1 loving cup sweetness together with sour raw mango (kairi) or sweetness ripe mango (aam), chopped or julienne
1 loving cup strawberries, chopped or sliced
½ loving cup roasted peanuts, gently crushed
¼ loving cup cilantro, finely chopped

Add to taste:
Few drops soy sauce (½ tsp)
Few drops of lemon juice (¼ tsp)
Red chili pulverization (¼ tsp)
Sugar (1 tsp)

Just mix everything together together with suit to your taste, together with your Mango together with Strawberry Salad is ready.  It's equally uncomplicated equally that.

The tender together with sweetness mango, the juicy together with sweetness strawberries, the crunch of roasted peanuts, together with the vibrant yellow-red-green colors that mango-strawberry-cilantro add together to this uncomplicated Mango together with Strawberry Salad is amazing.

Moreover, the residual of sweetness from the sugar, saltiness from the surprising component division soy sauce, sourness from mango, strawberries, together with lemon juice, together with the spiciness from blood-red chili pulverization gives an explosion of dissimilar flavors inwards each bite.

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