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Rajasthani Sattu | Badi Teej Sattu

I convey observed people from my Marwari community hither inward the USA celebrate our Rajasthani festivals similar Teej together with Gangaur alongside hence much zeal.  Last twelvemonth for Badi Teej Sinjaara virtually xc women had a get-together at an resultant hall, nosotros had potluck carte du jour that was pre-decided together with selected from (I took Pav Bhaji), a henna creative mortal was called to apply henna on hands, around of my friends planned a game for everyone to play together, they performed a grouping dance, together with nosotros all had hence much fun inward those iv hours of our Teej Sinjaara event!

When nosotros were inward Dallas few years back, 1 mortal hosted the Badi Teej Puja potluck at their place, together with since it was a weekend everyone was invited alongside their families (over a 100 people altogether!) to perform
the puja together with convey dinner.  Here is to a greater extent than information on this Rajasthani Badi Teej festival.

For the potluck, I chose to deport colorful kadhai ki poori using carrot puree for orangish poori, beetroot for pinkish poori, together with spinach puree for greenish poori.  We all carried our Teej Sattu at that spot equally good hence nosotros could spell ("pinda paasna") and convey dinner along alongside our husband.  Looking at everyone's creatively decorated sattu was interesting.  I cry upward 1 mortal made the doll cake version inward sattu shape for her immature lady - inserting a doll inward the middle of a inverted cone shaped sattu together with the sattu was decorated similar a dress.  How nice!

Earlier, people by together with large decorated Teej Sattu alongside only kuku (kumkum/vermillion) together with supari (betel nut).  Later they started adding nuts similar almonds, cashews, pistachios, together with around cloves on sattu.  These days, people similar to decorate sattu alongside a theme, alongside dissimilar edible colors, using diverse edibles similar kokosnoot flakes, saccharide coated fennel seeds, one m & M's together with hence on.  Here are around really creative Teej Sattu ideas.

I'm excited for Teej this year.  It's going to travel my twin babies' get-go Teej!  After my immature lady grows upward I desire to savor Teej Sinjaara alongside her yesteryear applying mehendi, cooking lots of proficient food, dressing upward inward pretty traditional clothes, preparing our creative sattu, together with celebrating this festival together fifty-fifty though I'm non well-versed alongside all the customs.  (And oh well, I promise she's going to beloved all of this...who knows!?)

Anyway, these are our Teej Sattu for Badi Teej this year.  I made flowers for me, butterflies for my infant girl, together with a maakhan matki (a pot of butter) alongside basuri (flute) for my infant boy.  Here is my recipe for dalia (split roasted gram dal) sattu.

To brand the Krishna Theme Teej Sattu:
1) Basic take in is to rub cocoa pulverization alongside your dalia sattu until good blended into a brownish color dough together with gyre into ball together with hence poke alongside pollex to shape matki.
2) I used randomly crushed almonds together with set within the matki flowing outward similar makkhan in matki.
3) Roll sattu long similar a mini log together with purpose toothpicks to poke holes for flute...I used saunf (fennel seeds) that were handy for the petty flute decor.

Happy Teej to all those who celebrate this festival.  Enjoy.
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