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On Festival, Fasting, too Food

I mean value I started fasting for Gangaur as well as Teej festivals since historic stream 13.  Usually past times therefore a lot of girls my historic stream were told to foremost fasting to larn a "good husband".  While immature girls or older women kept their fast past times eating ane time a hateful solar daytime or at to the lowest degree having fruits, I used to non fifty-fifty drinkable H2O until I saw the satelite (for Teej puja).  I mean value I did that all the agency until my undergrad years.

Today, I mean value that was crazy as well as unnecessary. I mean value if I could plow dorsum fourth dimension I would non choose been therefore strict close fasting, only similar I am non anymore.  Now, I celebrate a festival without worrying close my hunger because I create non handgrip amongst the concept of fasting for a surely festival.  After my wedding, inwards add-on to Gangaur as well as Teej I had started fasting on Karwa Chauth equally well.  Not surprisingly, this festival equally good is for the husband.

When my miss grows upwards I volition instruct her why nosotros celebrate Teej, why nosotros nation the stories that are recited when doing the Teej puja, why nosotros facial expression at the reflection of the vii items inwards H2O when doing the puja, why nosotros brand saatu/pinda for Teej, as well as the why's of this festival. Today, at historic stream xxx I don't know answers to these why's as well as I am pretty surely at historic stream 55 my mom does non either. They did non enquire questions. They were told to chant this, to offering that, to swallow this, as well as to worship that - to larn a skilful husband, or, afterward spousal human relationship their hubby would larn a long life.  Why is it a wife's responsibleness to fast for as well as pray for husband's long life?  Why weren't the husbands told to create the same?  May hold out my daughter's generation volition await husbands to fast for their wives too.  It's only fair. Or mayhap they volition non fast at all - as well as volition truly only endeavour to hold out a skilful hubby as well as a skilful wife.

Fasting is non the focus of Teej as well as Gangaur.  Since childhood I used to hold out excited close cutting my sattu ("pinda paasna", equally it is called). Because at the pump of our Teej saatu was a 1 Rupee money dorsum inwards early on 1990s as well as a 10 Baht money afterward I moved to Thailand during my teens. Getting that gratis money on festivals was e'er exciting.  And equally I grew upwards I enjoyed creative ornament on sattu.  I facial expression frontward to decorating my Teej sattu every year.  It's my creative outlet.

What is the importance of sattu for Teej, I was asked recently.  I don't know.  Some foods were associated amongst to a greater extent than or less festivals therefore that people facial expression frontward to making it for that item festival.  So nosotros brand Til Papdi as well as Til Laddoo (sweets amongst sesame seeds) for Sankranti, Gujiya for Holi, Modak on Ganesh Chaturthi, Fal to offering inwards puja for Gangaur festival, or sattu for Teej.

What is the importance of turkey for Thanksgiving or why are gingerbread cookies made for Christmas?  There may hold out several theories but it's however mysterious why surely foods are synonymous to surely festivals.

The thing is, nutrient brings people together, as well as that is ane joy nosotros all part no affair what our organized faith is or what festival nosotros celebrate.
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