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food photography: from my perspective - past times a beginner, for a beginner - business office 5

When I shared a few of my behind-the-scenes pictures along alongside explanations on my Facebook Page, I was pleasantly surprised to run across that a lot of people are interested to larn unopen to food photography tips.  So here's unopen to other behind-the-scenes nutrient photography post along alongside my comments on the reckon procedure that went behind it, why I added what I did, unopen to tips in addition to tricks, in addition to uncomplicated nutrient photography from my perspective.

This is 1 heavy photo-loaded post.

Following are the damage I volition purpose to pull what's going on inwards the setup (may non necessarily live the actual photography jargon):
> Diffuser: Using something translucent (paper, sheet, or cloth) to diffuse the bright, abrupt lite coming from the window.
> Reflector: Using something white (thermocol sheet, paper, white box) or aluminum foil or mirror or steel plate to reverberate lite onto food.
> Surface: Using something (paper, cloth, board, anything) to house the nutrient on.
> Backdrop: Using something (paper, board, cloth, drawers, anything) at the back.



What I did: used juicer box at the bottom acting every bit a table, brownish grocery handbag for surface, using the drawers every bit dark backdrop, white poster sail used every bit reflector.

Food: Cabbage Stir-fry - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/04/pattagobi-ki-subzi-cabbage-vegetable.html
Clicked: February 2012


What I did: used white newspaper (they wrap fragile plates inwards this variety of newspaper inwards the stores) every bit surface, my outfit used to add together color, thermocol sail every bit reflector (little candle box used to back upwardly the thermocol sheet), drinking glass bowl placed upside downward - intend exterior the box (and the bowl)!!!

Food: avocado in addition to mango salad - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-love-with-avocado-mango-salad.html
Clicked: May 2012


What I did: the same outfit every bit previous pic used for a mild color to become along alongside the orange-green salad, used thermocol along alongside it every bit surface, the brownish chopping board higher upwardly was used to click the ingredients flick in addition to white chopping board on the side was used to click the avocado pictures (more inwards link), really uncomplicated set-up for a uncomplicated photograph of food.

Food: avocado in addition to mango salad - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/05/in-love-with-avocado-mango-salad.html
Clicked: May 2012


What I did: chopping board used every bit surface, ruddy folder used every bit contrasting backdrop to the yellowish milkshake, thermocol sail every bit reflector supported past times a drinking drinking glass that was lying nearby..

Food: Mango Milkshake - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2013/06/mango-puree-aamras-with-kadhai-ki-puri.html
Clicked: May 2012


What I did: the same ruddy folder from previous pic used every bit surface in addition to backdrop supported past times a carton filled alongside my piddling nutrient props, decided to purpose that newspaper napkin underneath to interruption the obviously yellow-red color tones.

Food: sweetened (canned) pineapple made at domicile - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-make-sweetened-canned-pineapple.html
Clicked: Apr 2012


What I did: it helps to travel along accompaniments to nutrient inwards the flick to add together a existent tabular array setting variety of experience (here the raita, pickle, onion become along alongside the paratha), an outfit placed on the left, a yellowish newspaper napkin on the right, in addition to a handmade newspaper blossom on the side simply every bit extra props. [clicked inwards artificial light, non a favorite pic of mine, but simply giving an idea..]

Food: Stuffed Gobi-Methi Paratha - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/01/gobhi-methi-bharwan-paratha-cauliflower.html
Clicked: December 2011


What I did: vivid lite from window on the left was diffused alongside a sparse white sail (it came wrapped on unopen to furniture) which was clipped (using clothe pivot in addition to binder clips) to the blinds, used chopping board every bit surface, thermocol sail used every bit reflector. placed chopsticks every bit props to portray "indo-chinese food".

Food: Chili Paneer - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/03/favorite-appetizer-side-in-indo-chinese.html
Clicked: February 2012


What I did: thermocol sail was used every bit surface in addition to every bit reflector. elevation added to the bowl inwards the dorsum using unopen to other slice of thermocol. instead of simply ruddy juice on white placed a lite yellowish newspaper napkin to add together a piddling color.

Food: tomato plant juice - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/07/tomato-paste-puree-juice-gravy-soup.html
Clicked: July 2012


What I did: Looking at the minute picture, could y'all convey guessed where it was clicked? Use the angle that enhances nutrient in addition to blocks out whatever unwanted lights or shadows (instead of clicking nutrient from random angles).  You tin fifty-fifty CROP photos to present solely what is necessary!  Did non necessitate whatever reflector for this, in addition to used the dark background then at to the lowest degree a piddling steam from tea could live visible (tea wasn't every bit hot anymore), but y'all tin ever add together steam to your warm/cold nutrient inwards 2 dissimilar ways - practice y'all desire to know how?

Food: Adrak-Elaichi Chai - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2013/06/adrak-elaichi-chai-ginger-cardamom-indian-tea.html
Clicked: May 2014


What I did: got this brownish newspaper inwards packaging in addition to used it every bit surface, brownish nutrient on brownish surface or background non actually a expert reckon (but non a dominion either!) unless a) dissimilar shades of brownish and/or b) color musical note tin live cutting past times unopen to other color - for event golden in addition to silvery chocolate wrappers here, photograph of chocolates was clicked on 1 side of newspaper in addition to photograph of cupcakes on unopen to other side of the same paper, white reflector poster sail supported on laissez passer on of a box on the chair.

Food: Eggless Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2014/01/ferrero-rocher-cupcakes-eggless-cupcake-recipe.html
Clicked: Apr 2012


What I did: This was a actually uncomplicated in addition to quick shot alongside carrots in addition to dip. I didn't convey fourth dimension or planned to arrive creative then dipped the carrots inwards the dip in addition to kept unopen to on the side. Surface is a white newspaper handbag (!!) for a obviously background then carrots are clear, in addition to used newspaper towel scroll (!!) every bit reflector instead of my green thermocol. You tin acquire an reckon of the angle the photograph was clicked.

Food: carrot in addition to dip - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2013/01/carrot-situation.html
Clicked: January 2013


What I did: another super uncomplicated shot.  chose a piece of cake color napkin every bit surface then that pale brown-green color nutrient stands out, added onion in addition to drinking glass of H2O at the sides that become along alongside the nutrient instead of whatever unnecessary props, if y'all convey few roti (or anything) present solely business office of it or travel along on a pocket-size plate instead of showing a large plate alongside pocket-size quantity, thus solely the side subdivision alongside roti is visible inwards concluding click.

Food: Green Beans inwards Tomato Gravy - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2013/04/aloo-beans-sabzi-stir-fried-potatoes-green-beans.html
Clicked: January 2013


What I did: upside downward photograph frame every bit surface, used a block of thermocol to add together elevation to the foursquare chutney bowl since I wanted the tall blender appal inwards flick too, added light-green chilies in addition to lemon on the side, it's expert to present unopen to ingredients inwards the concluding picture, didn't convey whatever cilantro leaves left thus simply 1 inwards the pump on the chutney, didn't necessitate reflector for this, in addition to I totally forgot to cover or edit (in photoshop) the photograph frame claw on the left. oops.

Food: Cilantro (Coriander Leaves) Chutney - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2013/04/green-chutneys-tomato-cilantro-mint-peas.html
Clicked: February 2013


What I did: colored unopen to obviously A3 papers in addition to used them every bit surface. added a contrasting color (purple surface) inwards the photograph for the yellowish raw mango.  placed the plain of report (raw mango plate) betwixt the papers in addition to spice mix on the obviously side of newspaper since the bowl blueprint was colorful enough. used thermocol every bit reflector (which was supported past times my handbag) for the lite coming from correct side of subject.

Food: raw mango in addition to a spice mix
Clicked: July 2014


What I did: Crumpled newspaper makes a expert surface. Brown nutrient in addition to bluish base of operations appear to ever become together. So I used a pretty in addition to vivid bluish pouch every bit the surface (the entire pouch necessitate non live visible inwards the concluding picture), the same crumpled newspaper raised to shape the backdrop (a bottle lying nearby is supporting the paper). Used thermocol reflector. Even if it is a pocket-size quantity of food you convey house it inwards a agency that the shape, size, texture is apparent. This subdivision of my kitchen counter has expert lite peculiarly at v pm, thus shot it hither instead of the green bed-studio setup.

Food: "Fal" made for Gangaur Festival - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2013/04/gangaur-pooja-gangaur-festival-of-rajasthan.html

Clicked: Apr 2013


What I did: dark styrofoam tray used for base of operations in addition to dark plastic fork used for prop, added a white newspaper napkin on the side, brownish packaging newspaper every bit surface, in addition to white A4 sail newspaper (YEP, works!) used every bit reflector supported past times ruddy vase (because the vase in addition to brownish chopping board were used on the other side for other photos, powdered saccharide in addition to sieve to dust saccharide on laissez passer on simply earlier clicking (more clicks inwards link).

Food: Cakey Brownie - http://spusht.blogspot.com/2012/03/cookie-brownie-and-my-valentine.html
Clicked: February 2012


What I did: turned my green photograph frame over because I dear the neutral color it has which goes along good alongside all colors.  used a bluish cardstock sail every bit the surface.  added a pocket-size greyish fabric over it (you acquire this materials for cleaning sunglasses), placed my plain of report (vegetable stock bottle) over it in addition to the lid of the bottle nearby.  white thermocol sail used every bit reflector, supported past times a pocket-size box.  photo clicked from contrary side of the beginning of lite (which is the window), thus the piddling moody/dark effect.

Food: Vegetable stock/broth - 
Clicked: May 2013


Do y'all desire to run across to a greater extent than behind-the-scenes nutrient photography photos in addition to posts?  Were my tips in addition to tricks helpful?

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