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Corn Capsicum together with Cheese Toast

On days when married adult man surprisingly returns domicile from move before than park as well as the training for dinner has non fifty-fifty begun as well as he is hungry as well as in that place are no leftovers from the twenty-four hours before or the day....

It's a province of affairs that calls for a quick fix.  Let's hurry upwardly as well as expect inwards the refrigerator.

 | Corn Capsicum as well as Cheese Toast

Some light-green bell peppers (capsicum) as well as a pocket-size block of cheese.  That's it.
In the pantry?  Some onions.
In the freezer?  Some corn.
On the kitchen counter-top?  Some bread.
Wait...is that all I have?
Oh, right.  We did non larn the fourth dimension to become grocery shopping the weekend before.

But that's all right.  I tin ship away brand create amongst what I have.  A really uncomplicated Corn Capsicum as well as Cheese Toast, coming correct up.  A recipe that needs no proportions.  Because non every recipe needs to hold upwardly followed to the T.  Just a basic persuasion is skillful plenty to develop a dish amongst whatsoever yous accept at hand.

I heated a petty olive oil, sautéed roughly chopped onions until translucent, added chopped green capsicum (bell peppers), frozen corn, roughly salt, black pepper powder as well as mixed well, cooking for a infinitesimal therefore the capsicum turned tender as well as onions lite brown.  Toasted roughly bread slices for a bit, as well as then spread the prepared mixture on the bread, liberally grated mozzarella cheese over the bread, slid the breadstuff slices inwards the toaster oven on 'toast' setting until the cheese melted as well as had golden chocolate-brown spots on altitude (We similar it well-done).
And that's all.  Corn Capsicum Cheese Toast was ready.  A simple, delicious, as well as quick satiating snack.

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