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The twenty-four hours I prepared dinner for my menage unit of measurement - for the starting fourth dimension time

It had been a calendar month in addition to one-half since I came to Bangkok in addition to had non cooked anything especial for my identify unit of measurement except baking cakes a pair of times.  So yesterday I cooked the entire dinner from appetizer to dessert for my identify unit of measurement for the starting fourth dimension time.  I had major butterflies inwards my breadbasket if they'd similar my nutrient every bit much every bit others ever did, but the dinner turned out great.

I persuasion of making my trusted Strawberry Lemonade that I knew everyone would get got loved but damn, strawberries in addition to blueberries are in addition to hence expensive inwards Bangkok!  Besides, I had brought these pineapple straws from California in addition to hence I decided to brand something amongst pineapple.  I started the dinner amongst Virgin PiƱa Colada.  I blended Pineapple + Coconut Milk + Granulated Sugar + a teaspoon of pineapple extract.  My hugger-mugger for this recipe: pineapple extract.  It adds the flavour in addition to odour boost that a natural pineapple cannot.

For appetizer I served Samosa Bowls - it is samosa amongst a twist.  Couple of years dorsum I had made Potli Samosa, but that's a pretty mutual agency in addition to hence I came upwardly amongst this novel persuasion of serving samosa.  Instead of filling within the regular triangle shape, I fried the dough inwards shape of a bowl a 24-hour interval beforehand in addition to filled it amongst the potato in addition to peas stuffing, served amongst chutneys.

Then the buffet manner tabular array was arranged, starting amongst salad.  For this, I cutting cucumber inwards large pieces, scooped out the insides from them without going all the agency through, filled it amongst a garlic yogurt dip, served amongst julienne Lycopersicon esculentum in addition to carrot sticks.  The carrot was boiled inwards salted H2O beforehand in addition to chilled.  My recipe for the dip: whisk minced garlic + olive oil, to it add hung curd (greek yogurt) + salt + reddish chili pulverization in addition to mix well, permit chill inwards fridge few hours for flavors to blend good earlier serving.

For the master copy course of didactics in that place was Laccha Paratha in addition to Kadhai Paneer (pictured below), Mughlai Biryani (above), in addition to my commons awesome Grapes in addition to Walnut Raita.  I similar to get got a 1 roti-one sabji-one rice-one rice accompaniment concept for my dinner.  However, my identify unit of measurement is used to making diverse sabjis in addition to several desserts in addition to excess nutrient during parties, in addition to hence yes - my granddad did enquire if in that place was to a greater extent than than one!

Papad is a regular at Marwari households, although I'm non likewise fond of eating papad amongst every meal.  But instead of roasting or frying a circular papad I served them every bit Papad Cones filled amongst Mango Cucumber Salsa.  Papad was cutting inwards semi-circle in addition to roasted on pan on both sides in addition to chop-chop twisted to cast a cone shape.  My salsa recipe: mango chunks + cucumber chunks + cilantro + common salt + dark pepper pulverization + lemon juice.  The mango, cucumber, in addition to cilantro were ready inwards a bowl in addition to the salt, pepper, lemon juice was mixed inwards only earlier serving, otherwise mango in addition to cucumber would get got croak soggy in addition to released water.

For dessert I prepared my layered Vanilla in addition to Chocolate Pudding.  The chocolate layers were cooked amongst a few pinches of minute java pulverization in addition to in that place was a layer of chopped nuts inwards between.

And I had everyone assemble around the dining tabular array every bit I presented in addition to served my Eggless Crater Chocolate Cake as the grand finale.  Watch my video here!

I couldn't brand everything every bit planned, in that place were a pair of to a greater extent than dishes I had inwards mind  (with twin babies to get got assist of, I don't intend I could get got done whatsoever to a greater extent than than this!), but all the items that I prepared my identify unit of measurement praised my nutrient in addition to my presentation.  And amongst that - I am to a greater extent than than happy!

No, genuinely - what's the discussion for very, very, very, very, very, really happy?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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