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My Meals for a Month | Vegetarian Indian Homemade Food

I was inwards Amravati (Maharashtra) final yr for a calendar month visiting my maternal side of the family.  Going to nanihaal (nani's house) every summertime opor-garai was something nosotros used to await frontwards to every bit kids.  And this trip was all the to a greater extent than particular because my mom's mom (Nani--my gradmom) became dandy grandmom to my twins, in addition to then the pampering was multifold-for me in addition to for my kids.

My Nani in addition to both my Mamiji (mom's brother's wife) fix such delicious nutrient in addition to and then much diverseness everyday.  In this post I'm sharing my lunches for the 1 calendar month that I stayed amongst them (too bad I did non click pictures of my dinners.)

You know at that topographic point are times when honey reflects through food...this is 1 of them.

Day 1  Carrot pickle, Mirchi ka thesa, Palak tamatar ki sabji, Baingan ki sabji, Aloo ki sabji, Lapsi chawal, Kadhi

Day 2  Tamatar chutney, Pattagobi ka achaar, Salad, Matar ka pulao, Methi ka paratha, Carrot pickle

Day 3  Tindoli ka achaar, Salad, Gobi matar sabji, Bhindi sabji, Batia, Dal

Day 4  Moong dal ke pakode, Green chutney, Bhindi sabji, Aloo matar sabji, Chawal ki kheer

Day 5  Moong-chawal-kadhi, Mixed sabji (annkut-special), Aloo matar sabji

Day 6  Mirchi ka thesa, Bhindi sabji, Mixed sabji, Cauliflower sabji, Methi ki puri, Dal fry

Day 7  Salad, Green beans sabji, Palak ki dal, Cheeku, Soan papdi, Aloo-baingan sabji

Day 8  Beetroot salad, Kairi ki launji, Cabbage sabji, Lemon pickle, Spinach dal

Day 9  Baingan ka bharta, Tindoli ki sabji, Carrot halwa, Dal, Meethi puri

Day 10  Chhole, Phulka, Khatte chawal, Mirchi ka thesa, Salad, Cauliflower-peas sabji, Green beans sabji, Laddoo

Day 11  Bhindi sabji, Beans sabji, Yogurt rice, Phulka, Aloo chips, Masala peanuts, Salad, Sabudana khichdi

Day 12  Salad, Cheese Paneer, Beans sabji, Mirchi ka thesa, Soan papdi, Chane ki Dal

Day 13  Mango pickle, Sprouted moong, Soan papdi, Baingan ka bharta, Dal

Day 14  Cabbage sabji, Matar ki sabji, Yogurt, Aloo paratha, Kachori

Day 15  Batia, Carrot pickle, Karela sabji, Pumpkin sabji, Matar sabji, Dal

Day 16  Mirchi ka thesa, Carrot pickle, Tindoli ki sabji, Gobhi matar sabji, Bhindi sabji, Dal

Day 17  Onion slices, Tindoli ka achaar, Mango pickle, Bhindi sabji, Cabbage sabji, Baingan ka bharta, Dry peanut chutney, Papad, Dal

Day 18  Yogurt, Phulka, Cabbage sabzi, Bhindi sabzi, Mango pickle, Bakarwadi

Day 19  Bhindi sabji, Aloo sabzi, Katli, Khandvi, Yogurt, Dal

Day 20  Radish sabzi, Rice, Pakode, Puran poli, Green chutney, Milkcake, Kadhi, Chane ki Dal

Day 21  Beetroot-Carrot slices, Cabbage sabji, Mirchi ka thesa, Coconut chutney, Tomato chutney, Syrup of Lemon pickle, Methi roti, Yogurt

Day 22  Bhindi ki sabzi, Tindoli ki sabzi, Salad, Anaarsa, Phulka, Mirchi ka thesa, Green chutney, Dal

Day 23  Phulka, Aloo baingan, Lemon pickle, Bhindi sabji, Ras malai, Dal

Day 24  Phulka, Tindoli ki sabzi, Cauliflower sabzi, Carrot, Mango pickle, Gajak, Peda, Kalakand, Bakarwadi

Day 25  Kadhi, Puran poli, Khatte chawal, Moth ki sabzi

Day 26  Matar ki sabzi, Mirchi ka thesa, Namkeen chawal, Dry peanut chutney, Plain paratha, Aloo ki sabzi, Shrikhand

Please note: I create NOT accept the recipes for whatever of the dishes higher upward in addition to neither create they nor create I accept the fourth dimension inwards the side past times side few years to get together whatever recipes for the dishes above.  So leaving a comment shout out for for the recipe volition brand no sense.  However, you lot sharing your stories in addition to experiences from your rest at your grandmom's identify volition hold upward joyfully received in addition to read :-)

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