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Carom Seed Crackers | Ajwain Biscuit | Eggless Baking

What British telephone yell upwards equally scones together with what Americans telephone yell upwards those soft, fluffy breads that they tin consume amongst soups together with stews equally biscuits are dissimilar from what people inwards India, for example, telephone yell upwards the crunchy together with sweetness or salty crackers equally biscuits.  The sweetness biscuits can't last called cookies (for those who know Indian brands--think Parle G biscuits or Britannia biscuits!).  Crunchy biscuits together with other 'namkeen' snacks build a smashing accompaniment to the Indian Chai.  These flavorful and savory carom seed biscuits (aka ajwain biscuits) exercise too.

Carom Seed Crackers Recipe
Yield: close 35 modest biscuits

ii cups all-purpose flour
1 Tbsp powdered sugar
1 tsp carom seeds
less than ½ tsp salt
close 125 grams unsalted butter, melted
¼ loving cup room temperature milk or equally needed

In a bowl add together flour + powdered saccharide + carom seeds + common salt together with mix.
Add melted butter together with mix it well.  Add milk to cast into a semi-soft dough, add together to a greater extent than milk if required.  Cover together with proceed dough aside for xv minutes.

Prepare cookie canvass amongst parchment paper.  Preheat the oven to 350F.
Roll the dough out past times dusting a petty flour equally needed to close 5-6mm thickness together with using a cookie cutter (or a lid amongst a abrupt edge) cutting out circles from the dough together with house on cookie sheet.
You tin house them unopen past times because the biscuits volition non expand since there's no baking soda or baking pulverization inwards the recipe.

Bake for close 10 minutes at 350F.  Check if low-cal chocolate-brown inwards color--if not, rotate the tray together with bake a pair of minutes more.
Let cool completely together with joyfully munch on your carom seed crackers for adjacent few days.

The petty sum of saccharide adds a tiny hint of sweetness to the savory biscuits together with to the rigid carom seed flavour together with aroma.  This is a rattling basic together with super simple carom seed cracker recipe --you tin add together whatsoever herbs, such equally rosemary, thyme, etc or whatsoever other seeds similar cumin seeds, etc together with exercise variations.

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