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where does dearest go?

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Does it sideslip through our clenched fists , then desperately laid upwardly to clash against a wooden door out of frustration , but to spare i another’s flesh? Does it fall from our souls as well as go downwardly the tracks on our cheeks , in conclusion soaking into our pillowcases at 3am when we’ve been thinking also much? Does it shoot from our mouths alongside every horrible discussion nosotros order to i another? Or maybe it gets caught inwards the quiet when we’re laying beside i to a greater extent than or less other , both broad awake but staring at the walls every bit if every respond nosotros involve volition seem on them.

Does it drown within of a whiskey bottle then that nosotros tin pretend that dear never fifty-fifty existed at all? Does it larn tangled on the sleeping room flooring of a stranger who nosotros chose because they had your eyes or they wore the same cologne as well as nosotros prayed that maybe we’d uncovering a substitute for dear underneath someone else’s covers? Does it dissipate inwards the mutual coldness wintertime air; from a cigarette that y'all don’t fifty-fifty relish the gustation of , but you’d but hoped it would supersede the addiction?

Does it sideslip out the dorsum door alongside y'all when y'all larn out inwards a rush , subsequently we’ve told i to a greater extent than or less other nosotros never desire to meet each other again? Does it fade into the hum of a dial musical note , subsequently we’ve ended our conversation alongside no goodbye? Does it crash into a meg pieces alongside every broken hope we’ve never fulfilled? Maybe it tiptoes from our breath alongside a long sigh , when we’re lonely as well as nosotros realize this isn’t how dear is supposed to be. Does it larn trapped inwards the memories , when our smiles were genuine , behind the drinking glass of pictures that collect dust inwards boxes we’ve hidden away?

I volition never sympathize where dear goes. I volition never sympathize how niggling yesteryear niggling , the somebody who in i trial made y'all experience then hold upwardly could drain y'all completely. I’ll never sympathize how it feels similar i 24-hour interval y'all become to bed alongside the human y'all idea was your somebody inwards life , as well as wake upwardly inwards an instant alongside a consummate stranger.

With y'all , I’ve been playing it all dorsum , retracing my steps , thinking of what I could convey perchance missed , trying to desperately pinpoint the minute our dear disappeared; every bit if I’m trying to retrace my steps to uncovering my misplaced auto keys. And that is when I ordinarily realize , that every bit much every bit I’d hoped my dear for y'all was lost for expert , at that spot I uncovering it tucked away inwards a corner of my midpoint , similar a niggling complaint y'all uncovering hidden inwards your jeans steal , all wrinkled as well as faded from going through the washer. And I mean value of y'all , as well as I immature adult woman y'all , the expert as well as the bad , as well as I even then dear you.

And that’s when I realize , dear doesn’t become anywhere. It was either at that spot or it wasn’t. I don’t mean value your dear was ever actually at that spot for me. It was ever tardily for y'all to larn out this behind. Me on the other mitt , good I was never actually expert at letting become , as well as if I become searching , I even then uncovering my dear for you.

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