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my solely exception

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I'm on the develop on the mode abode lone listening to "The Only Exception." Thinking close you lot , e'er you.

I loathe you lot thence much that sometimes I can't stand upwards it. You brush my comments of past times maxim materials similar "cool" or "fair enough" together with brand me experience similar it similar only couldn't tending less close what I convey to say.

And it hurts , I vociferation together with create upwards one's hear I should get together what lilliputian feel I convey together with leave of absence on good away from you.

But together with then I dear you lot to the betoken where I enquiry my ain sanity. You brand me experience exceptional amongst your early on morning time text maxim "hey beautiful." And your belatedly nighttime texts maxim "sweet dreams."

Before you lot , I never knew that I could genuinely selflessly dear soul regardless. To me your clothe , your undertaking , the lack of coloring fabric on your pare together with religion don't matter. All that matters is that you lot unknowingly convey my middle inwards the palm of your hand.

You reach you've had dreams of us living inwards a family amongst the white picket fence. Beautiful children together with a happy life. What I wouldn't produce to brand that my reality. Every nighttime earlier I slumber I pretend I alive that reality.

I want you lot weren't my alone exception.


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