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i survived

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Today I went dorsum to this post , that I wrote August tertiary 2010. Almost 4 years ago. I convey forgot how touching it was fifty-fifty for myself reading that. I merely read it twice as well as all the comments. And it made me emotional as well as close of all , sad. Sad to know how many people out in that place feeling or convey felt just the trend I did. And how incredibly hurtful dear tin dismiss be.

I stayed amongst him to Feb 2012. Can you lot imagine? Almost 2 to a greater extent than years afterward writing that story. And during that fourth dimension I was fifty-fifty to a greater extent than wound than before. But to brand the terminate of that even curt - I broke upwards amongst him. The guy I idea was the one. One early on morn inwards February.

And never convey I always felt to a greater extent than proud of myself. And never did I crawl dorsum , beingness weak inwards front end of him again. Never.

And today I am writing this because I desire to portion amongst you lot all something I never idea would move on afterward this terrible heartache.

I met the dear of my life. My best friend.

Which wasn't him. And I am the happiest daughter you lot could notice out in that place because I convey a human being who treats me similar something out of a beautiful movie.

I won't say nosotros are perfect , non having fights or sorry days. But nosotros process each other amongst respect. We mightiness convey been going through things that could tear us apart , but nosotros are solving it because in that place is zilch else than merely that. And nosotros are coming out fifty-fifty stronger than nosotros were before. THAT is truthful love. What I had amongst that other mortal 4 years agone was not.

And today I tin dismiss call back lying inwards bed crying every other black those years thinking that I volition never halt loving that mortal who gives me to a greater extent than hurting inwards my gist than beingness stabbed yesteryear a knife.

But I did. I did as well as I survived.

And I did dear him those years.

But inwards this 2d looking at the human being I desire to get hitched amongst 1 24-hour interval sleeping , I know that this is a dissimilar sort of love. H5N1 salubrious love. H5N1 passionate amazing love. H5N1 dear that was ameliorate than I always idea it could be. H5N1 knowing-deep-in-my-heart-I-will-be-with-you-forever love. And as well as thus nosotros will. Cause I convey never earlier , amongst this confidence , said I convey actually establish my truthful soul mate.

L , I dear you lot amongst everything I have. Thank you lot for beingness you.

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