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i got hooked on you

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Aaron ,
When I met y'all I didn't fifty-fifty intend twice close you. You were only some other guy from work. In fact , forthwith that I intend close it , the firstly fourth dimension I met y'all I constitute y'all a flake potent in addition to harsh in addition to rugged. Almost similar y'all were something out of an activity thriller or inwards the military machine or something. You were thence fucking serious.

I worked on ii episodes amongst you. I was the filmer in addition to y'all were ane of the reporters. I didn't run into y'all equally anything to a greater extent than than the guy from the News department.
Then ane nighttime , at ane of the parties , y'all kissed my friend on the cheek. H5N1 minute afterward , y'all leaned inwards to buss me equally good , except y'all totally went for my lips. I pushed y'all off me in addition to went dorsum inside. I laughed it off equally a joke. You were super drunk.

Then I saw y'all walking on the street a few days afterward , nosotros smiled at each other in addition to nodded. That was that.

H5N1 few weeks afterward , at the adjacent political party , nosotros talked some to a greater extent than in addition to y'all were totally into me. You were fashion into me than I was into y'all , in addition to it made me experience thence special. We made out for a piece that nighttime , in addition to and thence y'all invited me to your frat's date-night affair equally your date. You pose your pose out into my phone. You texted me the adjacent day.

The adjacent nighttime I slept over. Maybe I shouldn't have. Maybe I should possess got waited or something... been harder to get.

But y'all were thence into me in addition to that made me thence into you.
Your confront was thence beautiful. I started to autumn for your seriousness....I started to sympathise that it was a layer to enshroud everything you've been through.

You know , I'd never truly fallen asleep in addition to woken upward adjacent to a guy , y'all were the firstly somebody I ever did that amongst in addition to it was thence particular to me.
I got thence hooked onto you.
Even though we'd generally only slumber together in addition to and thence scout Game of Thrones , which I didn't fifty-fifty similar but I liked watching it amongst you.

You were thence warm. I loved the fashion y'all held me.
But in addition to thence that's all it became. You never came out in addition to hung out amongst my friends in addition to I , anytime I invited you. We basically became fuck buddies. But y'all e'er made it seem similar I was particular to you. It was thence confusing.

When I met y'all after wintertime pause , I think y'all walked inwards the door in addition to literally said ii words earlier kissing me in addition to wanting to larn inwards bed. It felt thence weird because I had all these things I wanted to seat y'all but y'all only wanted to fuck.
I hated that night. After nosotros had sexual activity I asked y'all where nosotros were going , in addition to y'all said y'all weren't looking for anything to a greater extent than than what nosotros already had. You basically told me that if I wanted to engagement y'all or run into y'all inwards daylight , that was going to live on a problem.
I didn't slumber that nighttime at all.

I stayed upward in addition to idea close everything. I was thence upset in addition to heartbroken because I realized that I was hooked onto y'all , in addition to y'all weren't.
I'd permit y'all inwards in addition to y'all hadn't.

Two days afterward y'all asked me to come upward over for a political party , in addition to I told y'all that I couldn't run into y'all anymore if all I was going to live on was your fuck buddy.
You made it hold back thence easy. You made it seem similar that wasn't an final result at all.
I spent that calendar week inwards bed , crying.

I loathe it because y'all become far seem similar nosotros were nix but to me nosotros were.
Maybe I'm stupid in addition to naive for all this , but I truly liked you. I loved watching y'all wake upward inwards the morning. I dearest staring into your eyes , I missy it thence much.

Over the adjacent few months I showed upward at your frat a bunch of times when I was drunkard in addition to lonely in addition to thinking of you.

You were such a dick close the whole thing. And I seemed similar such a creepy stalker type person. It's the most embarrassing affair I've done inwards my life.

I tried to larn over y'all amongst some other guy who treated me truly well. But it didn't final long.
Since the final 3 months , every fourth dimension I walk to a greater extent than or less these streets I hold back for you.
I promise I'd secretly bump into you. I promise you'd live on into me ane time again similar y'all were inwards the beginning.

It's thence pathetic. I loathe how much I missy y'all , for how lilliputian fourth dimension nosotros truly spent together. I possess got the long fashion dwelling menage every nighttime thence I tin transcend your place. It's thence fucking pathetic.
I wishing you'd possess got fought for me.

Or at to the lowest degree , that firstly nighttime when nosotros made out in addition to I started crying because I idea y'all were thence overnice to me (like nicer than whatever guy had been inwards SO long) , I wishing y'all wouldn't possess got lied in addition to told me y'all were different. That y'all would never wound me.

I wishing you'd possess got been honest in addition to told me all y'all wanted was to larn inwards my pants.

Cause I got hooked onto you. I got addicted to your odor in addition to cruel inwards dearest amongst your eyes in addition to felt thence warm inwards your arms.

And for y'all , I was only some other pose out on the listing of women you've slept with.

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