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i am scared

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I accept ever loved you lot , as well as you lot know that.

Ever since I was 15 years former , when nosotros position nether the trees , learning as well as growing inwards love.

I accept tried to allow you lot acquire as well as respect someone that moves me to a greater extent than than you lot , but no 1 tin sack rhythm out the mode you lot brand me feel. Being exactly about you lot lifts me upward - non alone create I experience 15 over again , but you lot brand me experience similar I couldn’t last anyone improve but the somebody I am when I am amongst you.

You alive in that place , as well as I alive hither , which is why it has never worked.

I would accept followed you lot ever , as well as you lot knew that , but alone straightaway are you lot telling me you lot desire me to. I am scared.

I’m scared of how much I dear you lot , I am scared that you lot aren’t the somebody I am inwards dear amongst , I am scared you lot don’t dear me equally much equally I dear you lot , I am scared you lot are going to wound me over again , as well as I am scared of what it agency to last trying amongst you.

I want nosotros could acquire dorsum nether the trees when nosotros were 15 , I want life wasn’t complicated , I want nosotros could autumn into sweetness , all-consuming dear as well as I wouldn’t last scared of the past times nine years as well as how much you lot tin sack deed me.

You are sky - I run across my whole life amongst you.

But are you lot exactly a fantasy? Maybe that’s why I am scared.

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