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he's different

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i convey daddy issues.
he left when my sis as well as i were over at his identify that weekend.
i was 12 as well as she was 9.
i've thrown myself into as well as thence many arms , all the faces were starting to await the same.

he's different.
this one.
he's a overnice guy , tin forcefulness out y'all believe it?
we're both broken exactly i'm becoming the best version of myself , ane i didn't intend was possible.
i convey him to give cheers , every bit good every bit myself for standing upward over again as well as over again no affair how difficult the fall.
he's the commencement to
non play games ,
video games too
to honey all of me
desire to know every inch ,
every corner ,
to relive all my memories as well as run across it through my eyes.
he makes me experience safer than i ever have
he's the commencement to alive a religious life , where my domicile volition last a haven
our home?

that's correct , i desire him inwards a forever as well as ever way.
as well as he wants that too.
he told me that i changed that , that he never idea he'd experience that manner over again or stronger every bit he does towards me.
nosotros are each other's miracles.

as well as i'm scared
crossing everything i have
that i become to proceed him
because he's different.

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