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Sourdough Bread: Part ii – The Finished Loaf

Welcome to role 2 inward this serial for how to brand your ain sourdough bread, using zip to a greater extent than than flour, water, a lilliputian salt, in addition to a whole lot of time. 

Yes, making your ain sourdough does cause got a while, but the total of actual travel is minimal, in addition to the breadstuff you’ll travel is spectacular…at to the lowest degree inward San Francisco. Your results may vary.

While I’ve made sourdough before, I’ve never truly had to furnish specific measurements, which is why I’ll credit Northwest Sourdough 1 time again, since the amounts below were slightly adapted from there. Speaking of which, anything you’re non certain most subsequently watching this, tin hold upwardly cleared upwardly yesteryear visiting Teresa’s amazing channel.

If you lot don’t cause got a banneton, you lot tin but trouble a similarly sized bowl amongst a tightly woven cotton fiber kitchen towel, which has been generously coated amongst rice flour. I’ve used that before, in addition to it plant precisely the same. The alone departure is the wooden handbasket “breathes,” different a metallic bowl, but I don’t mean value that’s a huge deal.

Since the wild yeast in addition to bacteria that brand this breadstuff travel vary from 1 role of the country/world to another, I can’t guarantee you’ll travel the same results I did, but nevertheless, I truly produce mean value you lot should drive anyway. In fact, if you lot produce cause got roughly success, I’d dear to encounter the results posted on Twitter for all to see.  Good luck, in addition to every bit always, enjoy!

Ingredients for 1 loaf:
100 grams starter
250 grams water
8 grams kosher salt
394 grams white breadstuff flour
(You’ll too demand rice flour for the 10-inch banneton)

- Let ferment for four hours, “folding” at the 2 hr mark
- Form loaf in addition to transfer into prepped banneton
- “Retard” dough inward refrigerator for 10-12 hours
- Let rising inward warm location for iii to five hours or until it passes “poke test”
- Bake at 450 F. for 25 to xxx minutes

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